California king beds for unique size of beds

California king beds are the largest beds made for any human being. These were introduced in 1960’s in Los Angeles, California. The only drawback is, you can only use a California king beds mattress as only these can fit the dimensions of such a unique bed.

History of California king beds

The history of beds can be traced down to Stone Age. However, when human beings evolved from Stone Age into Celebrities of the twenty first century, a rocky bed was turned into a California king bed. But there is a big difference between a normal bed and a big bed. The first ever big bed was made in 1590 in England. It was designed to accommodate around fifteen people. It was massive measuring ten feet by eleven feet. In fact the bed is monumental and is show cased in a museum in London.  It is possible that this bed was taken as a model to bring in the concept of California king beds.


That is the year when it all began. The concept was very clear that big men need big beds. But celebrity mansions need a luxurious big bed. And that is why a furniture company from Los Angeles made a mammoth bed is seventy two by eighty four inches big. It was a unique design as it was specifically designed for people who were tall. They cut short four inches on the sides while adding four inches to the length of this bed. It was the perfect design and that is why they are called California king beds.


Pros and Cons of California king beds

Now we do agree that there many of us who can live the life style of a celebrity today. But it all comes with a price, which goes without saying. This particular bed as discussed before is design for very tall people. So if you fit in that category a bed like this becomes a must. In fact I would say that you should never compromise on sleep. It is a must. And having a nice pleasant peaceful sleep on a nice comfy bed is a necessity in today’s fast life. You know you deserve it. Buying a California king bed is your gift that is your right. This bed is also good if it is to be shared by a couple or even by rivals. This way you can show your love or continue your war conveniently.

The major problem faced here is the big mattress. It may not fir through narrow doorways. Also moving it upstairs is another task. The worst part is it is so huge that it does not fit in smaller bed rooms. So be sure of the measurements of these few things before venturing for a California king bed.

Finally to conclude, these beds are ideally made for luxury. So be wise enough before buying one. But if you are tall and have a problem fitting on your bed, it is your birth right to invest in a California king bed.